Dear Eugenia For November 26, 2017

Dear Eugenia: I was born on Feb. 9, 1989, at 9:38 p.m. I have been having marital problems lately with my husband (born Feb. 4, 1986) of 11 years. I have been trying to work on mending our relationship even though he has said to me that he is done. The reason I don't give up on my marriage is because I love him still, and I've seen progress these past weeks between us. But there are days where I notice that he holds back or becomes moody and tries to not be happy. Will we be able to salvage our marriage? We had been planning on having more children months ago; is that still in our future together? -- Aquarius

Dear Aquarius: Although this is not a match made in heaven, it does indicate compatibility emotionally but lacks mentally and physically. Your husband has recently experienced his first Saturn return, and it made him reconsider his current situation, status and future dreams. Although he is an Aquarius like you, the main difference in your charts is that his is heavily influenced by the sign Sagittarius and yours by the sign Capricorn. These are two very different signs when it comes to values, life goals and responsibilities.

You will be heading into your first Saturn return next year, and this may give you a different view regarding what you want in life as well. The way your astrological connection stands, you should be acquaintances, not life partners.

Transiting Jupiter in the constellation Scorpio over the upcoming year will exacerbate your situation as friends, family and others voice opinions. Should you or those around you try to manipulate the situation with guilt tactics, it will only work short-term. If he is going to stay, it has to be his decision. Offer kindness, understanding and the freedom to figure out what he wants.

Dear Eugenia: Why is it I find it so hard to land a well-paying job? I don't think I am bad at all the jobs I have done in the past, but in the end I always feel taken advantage of due to the long overtime hours I have to put in and the demands being put on me.

Every time I let work become my priority, my health and home life suffer. Loved ones are not appreciative, and they cause me more stress. When I stopped working, they gave me a hard time as well.

Do you see hope anywhere in my chart? My health has been getting worse with each passing year despite my abstinence from foods that cause me a problem. I was born on April 3, 1983, at 11:20 a.m. -- Aries

Dear Aries: Attitude may play a role in some of the problems you face, but certainly not all of them. With regard to work, I believe you should be bumping up your qualifications to help you raise your earning potential and head in a direction you may enjoy more than past positions you have held.

You should have already signed up for a course, or begun the process of picking up a new skill or perfecting something you enjoy doing and turning it into a career option. You have between now and early summer to raise your earning potential through educational pursuits or an apprenticeship.

If you want to gain respect at home and at work, 1) you have to earn it, and 2) command it. Playing fair and offering incentives and support, not criticism, will help.

You didn't submit the birth data of any of the other players in your life, so it's difficult to know who is to blame.

Dear Eugenia: My father, whom I was caring for, passed away in October. After the funeral, the discussion began regarding the sale of the house. I was thinking about moving out of state and transferring somewhere warmer. I would look for a job after getting settled in to the new place. What are your thoughts?

I was dating two girls (born on Feb. 27, 1988, and Sept. 2, 1966), and I decided to be with the Virgo. I am happier and very much in love with her. I have known her for 20-plus years. My concern is my inheritance. Once the home is sold, I have to find a new place.

The problem I have is that my Virgo has legal problems. I was in the courtroom and witnessed that the DA in my opinion had a vendetta against her and she would not get a fair trial, so I did retain a lawyer. That is the reason for the move out of state also.

The Pisces tried to baby trap me, so that's why I left her. What are my options? Some say I am crazy for doing this, but I want to follow my dream. How do I protect myself from people who are out for my inheritance as well as from those opposing my plan to start a new life elsewhere? -- Sad Son

Dear Sad Son: I'm sorry for your loss. It's difficult to care for a parent and watch them get old before your eyes. You are a good son.

When it comes to your relationships, it's plain to see that your Pisces isn't right for you -- not because of deception, as suggested, but because this relationship is lacking emotionally, mentally and physically.

Regarding your dream plans, I strongly suggest you rethink them. Although your relationship with your Virgo is highly charged with emotional and physical desire, it lacks strength when it comes to emotional connection and motivation. This comparison does show signs of sorrow, deceit and disillusionment.

Slow down and let your girlfriend pay for her mistake. If you love her, wait for this to be over and then continue your plans. In the meantime, you can look into the move you want to make and line up a job. A lot can happen in a year, and next year is very good for meeting new people. Perhaps one of them will match up to you just as well without the sorrow and disillusionment that is apparent in your comparison with your Virgo gal.

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