Dear Eugenia For November 12, 2017

Dear Eugenia: I (Taurus, born on May 19, 1991) have a friend (Aquarius, born on Feb. 2, 1989) since childhood; we grew up on the same street and have been very close through our adult years. Last November, I moved from Cincinnati to New York City, and this was very hard for my friend. I was ready for change in my life; I am single and she has been in a committed relationship for two years. She has always struggled in her relationships because of her alcohol abuse (her mother is an alcoholic as well) and infidelity.

She has come to visit me twice since I moved, and both times cheated on her live-in boyfriend (Aries). I was completely humiliated, and my friends were appalled. She got defensive when I said something and did not show remorse, so I have not reached out to her since. She and her boyfriend plan to visit, and he wants to propose! He keeps asking me for help and I have not responded to his messages.

I have always been a very accepting, non-confrontational friend, but at this point I cannot accept her selfish, detrimental ways, and I am extremely worried. I decided to write her a letter. I expressed my concern for her and how I cannot endorse this engagement.

Yesterday, she messaged me to see if everything was OK since she hasn't heard from me and when I said it wasn't, she was shocked and said, "I wish you would've told me sooner." I told her I sent her a letter. She should get the letter any day now, but I am still so worried about her coming here.

I know she is lost, but I do feel some sort of loyalty. What are the chances she will take in what I said and make a change for her life? -- Concerned Friend

Dear Concerned friend: Your relationship with your childhood friend is toxic for you and will only lead to sorrow and regret. You are both adults now and obviously have developed different values, likes, dislikes and future prospects.

Your friendship will get worse as time passes, not better. She is heading into her first Saturn return next year and will be faced with many demons that she's going to have to sort out. Hopefully it will be a life-altering experience for her, and she will settle down instead of continuing to be indulgent and unfaithful. Make it clear that you won't lie for her or tolerate her behavior. You didn't include her fiance's birth information, so I cannot tell you if they are compatible or not.

As for you, this is your time to grow and work on pursuing your personal and professional goals. You will be in a high cycle regarding love and romance over the next 10 months and should make a point to get out and mingle with other singles.

Dear Eugenia: I have written a decent memoir about my six-year hunt for stolen gold. During the adventure, I lost the love of the woman I waited decades for, endured financial hardship and personal injury. But I also connected to my late father's spirit and heard the praise I longed to hear when he lived. I'm having a difficult time trying to find an agent or publisher. And this is all I have. Yet I have always felt I would succeed. What do you see in the stars? -- Cancer

Dear Cancer: Yes, you do have a writer's imagination and the willingness to work hard to reach your creative goal, but it's not an easy market to tap into -- especially now, with the majority of authors self-publishing. That being said, the better route may be turning your novel into a screenplay and sending it out to producers, etc.

You have just moved into a high cycle with regard to reaching out for help. Joining a writer's guild or approaching people involved in making movies is a good place to start. Do so between now and summer of next year, and you may get a chance of a lifetime. Your window of opportunity is small, so don't waste time.

Dear Eugenia: While my entire life seems to be kind of a confusing mess, my biggest concern is my career path and how I can improve my income in order to solve my financial problems and debts. In the last year or so, I feel like I have fallen into a professional rut, and I'm not sure what it is that I want to do with my career moving forward. I feel stagnant, when in the past I felt like I was on the fast track toward a strong career. I left my job for something simpler about a year go; during that time I was going through a lot of emotional distress due to my relationship.

I'm still going through a lot of that, but I feel like my bigger concern now is gaining the confidence and insight about what to do next in my career. I don't know where to go or where to start, or even what I want to focus on career-wise.

In a way, I do feel that I want to dissolve my relationship with this person because I feel like he is what's holding me back. We have been together about 16 years; last year he cheated on me, was heavily involved with drug abuse and made some horrendous financial mistakes that are plaguing us now.

How do I find a labor of love that will actually bring me wealth and income to resolve my financial problems? -- Aquarius

Dear Aquarius: You should have already made a professional move to a better position. Your chart indicates that you were going through an opportunistic period since the spring of this year, but that ship has sailed. At this point, reconnect with people you worked with or for in the past; they may consider rehiring you, and if that means a higher income, take it. Getting rid of your debt and getting out of your current relationship should be your first priorities.

The upcoming year is one of transition. It won't be easy, especially when dealing with your partner. He is a liability and you mustn't give in to emotional manipulation. Cut the apron strings and move out.

Your chart indicates that you can do well working in non-profit organizations, counseling, teaching, travel and medical research, the pharmaceutical sector, finance or real estate. If you have to sign up for courses in order to pursue something new, do so now.

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