Dear Eugenia for October 22, 2017

Dear Eugenia: I am having difficulty figuring out how to navigate my private relations with the opposite sex (male). Until recently, I have had little to no romantic or intimate relationships.

I recently met someone who is older, born May 15, 1959. I feel like something is missing, which is limiting my feelings toward him, and I am wondering if I should just move on. -- Libra

Dear Libra: Relationships take work, but even before that, common interests, likes and dislikes, sexual desire and an emotional connection need to be apparent. Your astrological comparison to your Taurus friend appears to have a decent physical connection, but that's where it ends. Emotionally and mentally, along with the ability to help and support each other through thick and thin, the match is lacking. That, coupled with some minor deceptiveness (which could have to do with the disconnect you feel toward him), is a sign to move on. I believe he has been in your life to teach you what you don't want in a forever partner.

With regard to your natal chart, you are in a high cycle right regarding finding love and bringing about change to where or how you live and conduct yourself in your personal relationships. It's a good time to move on. You match up best to the signs Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius.

Dear Eugenia: I think I need to break up with a friend. This person has been in my life for four to five years, and I have never experienced so much jealousy, possessiveness, etc. in my life. We have a lot of mutual friends, which is how we first met. She had a reputation as a drama queen, troublemaker and gossip before I even met her, and over time she's latched onto me and she's all over me.

I have an OK time with her when we're out (sometimes), but it's when I go out without her that is the trouble. The next day she blows up my phone: "Why wasn't I invited? What about me? Why didn't you tell me you were doing that? I would have wanted to go!" I can't stand it! She even got mad at me for going on vacation without her.

Then I get the "I'm so sad, I feel like no one wants to hang out with me." Well, it's because she does this to everyone! She attacks people and then plays the victim looking for sympathy. Friends should allow freedom to hang out with whomever we choose. I don't purposely try to exclude her, but sometimes I just want to be with select friends, and I'm really starting to not enjoy her company anymore.

I've tried to tell her that she needs to not take it so personally and I don't appreciate the accusations, emotional manipulation and guilt trips every time I decide to do something without her. The truth is no one really likes her that much; everyone tolerates her because it's sometimes easier to include her than deal with the aftermath. But I'm at my limit.

I told her off the other day, and of course I'm the jerk now because I'm not a "good, supportive friend." None of my other friends treat me the way she does!

We're both Aries with fiery tempers, which just makes things worse. I was born on March 25, 1973, at 3:51 p.m., and she was born on March 15, either 1971 or 1972. Will this woman ever change, or do I need to cut her out of my life and deal with the messy consequences? -- Aries

Dear Aries: With either dates, you both have strong personalities that can clash from time to time, and certainly since 2011 when transiting Uranus (sudden change/explosive when adversely situated in one's chart) began its journey through Aries.

Unfortunately, that transit isn't over yet and appears to be playing havoc with your natal Mars (god of war) and her natal Sun (basic character), so naturally you are experiencing difficulties. This transit doesn't end until March 2019, and by that time other transiting planets will move in to cause further disruption to your relationship.

Given the fact that she makes you feel so guilty when you get into a dispute with her, you may not want to deal with this problem on your own. If other mutual friends have the same problem with your Aries friend, perhaps it's time to stage an intervention regarding her neediness and relentless emotional blackmail.

Dear Eugenia: Please help. I am completely stuck. I was with a psychopath. Very unfortunately I had a child with him. My child and I were free for the first three years because he wanted nothing to do with his child. All of a sudden, he changed his mind and went to court to get access.

Now I cannot move. I cannot work. I cannot travel. I cannot do anything without his permission. So now I just live day to day like I am in a jail.

Meanwhile, this man seems so amused and so happy with himself having caused so much pain and suffering for the both of us. He has revealed many times that he does not care for the child and that he just wants to see me. It is a crazy obsession.

My child is miserable having to see him, and I am beyond words at the state of my life the past 10 years. I even said he could have full custody of the child in court just so this man would leave me alone, but he didn't want that. He just wants to see me.

He has a girlfriend but is still harassing me. Will he ever go away? Will we ever be free? What on Earth am I supposed to learn from this?

This man was born on June 13, 1962; our child was born on March 14, 2007; and I was born on Jan. 28, 1976, at 11 a.m. -- Aquarius

Dear Aquarius: Over the past couple of years, all three of your charts have been hit negatively by transiting Saturn. Although it is coming to an end and much of what's been going on will lessen, you will still have to clear up loose ends in order to move forward.

The comparison between your child and her father isn't bad. In fact, if he wasn't so intent on getting back at you, they could probably have quite a good relationship and time with one another. That being said, he has stepped over a line, giving you only one choice.

In November, you should begin to put together evidence against his behavior and lack of contributing emotionally and physically (and financially if he isn't, as well). Also have your child offer information regarding her connection to her father.

Preparation is all that you should do until the end of the year, when transiting Saturn lifts off, putting you in a better position to fight back in court.

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