Dear Eugenia for October 15, 2017

Dear Eugenia: I haven't been able to find a job for 2 1/2 years. I had to start using my Social Security. I found a temporary full-time job, but it will be ending in November/December. I think I've been a victim of ageism. I've never been sick in my life, and now in the span of two months, I've been in the hospital three times, last time diagnosed with high blood pressure. It's no wonder considering all the stress I'm under.

I'm not married; I was divorced 18 years ago. I'm my only support. I know that Saturn will be leaving Sage in December. What I'm wondering is, am I going to be able to find suitable, permanent, full-time employment by the time this temporary assignment ends, and will my health issues get better? I'm the oldest of four children, the only girl. I was born on Dec. 11, 1950, at 6 p.m. -- Sage

Dear Sage: The health issues should indeed lift when transiting Saturn moves over your natal Venus in mid-December. Saturn can also be blamed for some of the work and financial problems you face, along with transiting Jupiter contributing to the uncertainty and emotional stress.

On a positive note, you are heading into a much higher cycle with regard to communication, education and changing direction or updating your current qualifications between mid-October and next spring. This will also be a favorable time to consider making a move to a geographical location that offers greater opportunity.

Although you didn't mention any interest in finding companionship, you are in a high cycle right now and should be considering taking on a roommate, finding love or joining groups in your community that can offer some support.

Dear Eugenia: I'm an Aries woman born on April 5, 1988, at 6:15 a.m. I have been in a somewhat tumultuous relationship for almost six years with a Scorpio man, born on Oct. 23, 1982, around 2:50 a.m. We love each other, we've had our ups and downs, but we always come back to each other.

Lately I've been feeling restless and I want to make a change in my life, mainly to where I live. It's a small town with minimal opportunities for advancement. My brother (born on March 19, 1986, time unknown), whom I've recently come in contact with for the first time, has invited me to move in with him in Florida, and tells me there are a lot of opportunities there. He has a pretty stable living situation, owns his home and has a decent job.

I currently live with my mother (born on May 7, 1968, time unknown), and we do not see eye-to-eye most of the time. She has informed me that she wishes for me to move out, which I've wanted to do regardless, as I just moved back with her six months ago and prefer my own place.

I feel torn between staying here on my own, which I do not wish to do, moving with my boyfriend again, which I am leery about (because he has a stable job here, he cannot relocate at the moment), and moving in with my brother until I establish myself in Florida. I am uncertain about that situation, but that's only because I doubt myself and my capabilities at times.

I would greatly appreciate your opinion on this matter, and was curious to see if there are any major transits happening in my chart at the moment that will help put this in perspective. I also just got into a car accident, and I'm not finished paying off the car that was totaled. -- Uncertain Aries

Dear Uncertain Aries: You are heading into your Saturn return. This is why you are questioning everything about your life at the moment. It's not a bad thing, but it is a time of reviewing the past, assessing your situation and directing your goals to suit your current needs.

There do appear to be a lot of changes with regard to where you live and what you do in the future. The first thing you can rule out is moving forward with your boyfriend. The comparison showed lots of emotional and mental deception and disillusionment, as well as anger and resentment. You can both do better.

Your comparison with your brother is OK, but there is some sorrow that prevails and emotional deception that I feel is not in your best interest. If you were to take him up on his offer and his situation is still as secure as he claims after the devastation that hit Florida recently, this is a possibility -- but only if you have a job in place, giving you the opportunity to move out on your own quickly.

The one you are underestimating in this situation is your mother. It is obvious that although you don't see eye-to-eye, she is looking out for your best interests. Yes, she is limiting your freedom to an extent (and you hers), but the advice she has to offer and the push she is giving you to stand on your own two feet is called parenting.

What you are best to do at this point is find a position that can offer advancement and move to the location that has the most to offer. It's your turn and time to begin again. That's what your Saturn returns (this being your first) are all about.

Dear Eugenia: I was born on May 10, 1963, at 11:26 a.m. I found the most wonderful relationship with the man of my dreams (born on Jan. 20, 1965) who felt the exact same way! It was everything we ever wanted. That is, until this summer. He has two adult children who are still very needy, and he has an insatiable need to fulfill each desire and be in on everything and anything in their lives. To a certain extent, I admire this quality in him, but not when everything else in his life is so suddenly dropped -- his attention to his job, friends, home, us, etc.

While they were away, this wasn't the case, but now that they are back, our relationship is spotty and only exists within a group setting for the most part. So I have to wonder, will this man ever be available to resume the intimate relationship that we shared for so long, or will he always be seeking outside stimulation to such an exaggerated degree? I adore this man and I know he loves me, but I want to know that he is capable of a lasting, sustainable and healthy commitment that is satisfying to both of us. -- Taurus

Dear Taurus: The very qualities you love about this man are the same ones that will drive you apart. He is without a doubt a family guy. You filled a void while his kids were away, and guess what? They've come back, and the lifestyle he is used to living has resumed.

You have a choice. Join in and become part of his world, or walk away. To help you make this decision I must add that your astrological comparison is not all that great. It isn't one that spells sorrow or deceit, but just an overall lack of having the same values. Indeed you do get along mentally and physically, but is that enough to put up with a man you will have to share with his children?

Your chart indicates that you attract partners quite easily and that you are fun to be with and very one-on-one when it comes to love. Perhaps someone who isn't as family-oriented would be better suited. You may be a Taurus by sun sign, but you think like a Gemini and love like an Aries.

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