Dear Eugenia for January 08, 2017

DEAR EUGENIA: Last year, I met a Taurus man on a dating website, and after about two months of dating, he decided to back off. His excuse was that he just didn't have the time for dating. While I can vouch that he has a very busy schedule, working six days a week, I still think he could have made some room for dating at least once a week, which was what we'd been doing.

He returned about six weeks later for another try, citing that he had some free time, but broke things off again after just under a month -- I'm not really sure why. 
It's been about 15 months now, and we've been through several cycles of him coming into my life and backing out again.

I am willing to give the relationship a chance because of the timing during which we met, and I truly believe that we are soul mates. However, at this point in my life, I am wondering if this soul mate is my life partner. Will he come to realize at some point that we can be great together and finally commit?

What do you see for us in the near or distant future? He was born May 11, 1984 (not sure of the time), and I was born Nov. 25, 1984, at 9:02 p.m. -- Sagittarius

DEAR SAGITTARIUS: Your astrological comparison shows promise; however, there is some emotional deception happening. It falls in an area of your chart that deals with children, so that concern may be what is causing the on-again-off-again cycles you are going through. His chart indicates that he doesn't do well with sharing his true feelings and that he may have been let down in the past by someone, or he is holding out for what he thinks will be relationship perfection.

On all other aspects, your comparison is golden. You appear to have a healthy intellectual and physical connection, so perhaps broaching the positives you share may help him realize that he has found as close a match as he can achieve to being perfect.

Don't give up. I'm certain he will continue to come and go until next summer; however, if he doesn't settle in by the fall, someone new will probably grab your interest.

DEAR EUGENIA: I am pregnant, and my boyfriend and I broke up two days before I found out that I was expecting. We broke up because of his holding back on showing feelings and emotions toward me as well as him spending time on a dating site.

He recently found out that he has twin boys who are 6 years old, and he now has to pay child support for them. This led to him telling me to have an abortion; after I did that, he would like to start fresh. I don't want to have a child, but I am angry and hurt that he just said to go get an abortion.

I love him, but I don't think this is going to end well. He was born April 22, 1982, and I was born Oct. 14, 1978, at 6:45 a.m. Does he or has he ever loved me? -- Devastated Libra

DEAR DEVASTATED LIBRA: Both you and your boyfriend need to start practicing safe sex if you don't want the responsibility of children.

The comparison is not great, although it does show magnetic physical chemistry, which is why you are still questioning whether you should stay with him. Please disregard the chemistry and start using your intelligence.

This man falls in an area of your chart that deals with dead ends, so cut it short and move on before you are chasing him for support like the mother of his twin boys.

DEAR EUGENIA: I have a concern for my son (born Oct. 5, 1983, at 12:28 p.m.). He lost his job last year and collected unemployment insurance for only a couple of months before he was cut off. He told me that he is tired all the times and he has too much stress. He has a girlfriend who doesn't work either. She was born March 28, 1985.

I am concerned for my son's well-being. He has applied for jobs, but when the time comes for interviews he doesn't go. It appears he has lost interest in everything. I want to help my son move forward in life, but I don't know where to start. He told me that he is depressed. He doesn't go out, and he has no friends.

I am working all day. I don't know what to make of the situation. My husband was born Dec. 6, 1956, at 5 a.m. He has various health issues. My husband is very upset all the time. It has been hard to live under these conditions.

I am very stressed with everything that it is going on. I would like your advice. Is my son sick? Will he be able to find employment and happiness in his life? Will his girlfriend be part of his life in the future? Will I be able to keep this house? Or is selling it in my best interest? -- Angel Mom

DEAR ANGEL MOM: You are experiencing your second Saturn return. This means you should be re-evaluating your life and preparing to make changes. Considering putting your house on the market is a good option if it will help you force your son to be responsible.

Your son's chart indicates that he has an addictive personality and that he is emotionally deceptive. He makes poor choices and lacks ambition. The transits he is experiencing this year show restrictions that can come in the form of poor health, but the cause appears to be more self-inflicted. He doesn't have a realistic view of life or what he is capable of doing. Educationally, he appears to be lacking the knowledge he requires to do something he might enjoy.

His relationship with his girlfriend is OK, but not emotionally stabilizing. She is going through changes that could result in unwanted pregnancy or choosing to leave your son for someone who has more to offer.

Your husband has spent the last year going through his second Saturn return. It fell in an area of his chart that deals with some health issues, but this appears to be passing, leaving him with some depression due to your current lifestyle. Making the decision to downsize and cut your overhead is a good place to start, and it will give your son the push he needs to get back into the workforce. His chart indicates that job opportunities do exist for him, but he needs to take the initiative and show up for the interviews. Take his security blanket away -- he is old enough to live on his own or with his girlfriend.

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