Astro Advice Weekly for February 24, 2013

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Embrace a challenge on the 24th, and you will make an impression that will help you expand an interest or an endeavor you wish to pursue. Business contacts and dealing with banks, government or any institution must be handled with precision and detail on the 25th, 26th and 27th. The outcome will be dependent on how earnest you are about taking care of business and expressing your views with unfiltered truth. Re-evaluate your partnerships on the 28th and 1st. If you are being taken for granted, ask for what you want. You'll be in a good position with regard to a personal relationship, finding love or promoting what you have to offer on the 2nd.

TAURUS (Apr 20-May 20): Express yourself on the 24th, and you will be able to find solutions to any problems or doubts you have regarding friends, colleagues or your lover. On the 25th, 26th and 27th, you can accomplish plenty if you present, promote or execute a plan you have that requires help, favors or assistance. Your ability to draw attention to whatever you do will help your purpose. Get whatever job you are given out of the way quickly before someone complains or puts pressure on you on the 28th and 1st. You can enhance an important relationship by making special plans for two on the 2nd. Embrace the moment.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Positive action will bring serious results on the 24th. Do your best to make your home stress-free, comfortable and functional. You'll tend to overreact when dealing with people pressuring you to get involved in things that don't interest you on the 25th, 26th and 27th. The less commotion you make, the easier it will be to deter anyone from using force, bullying or manipulation. On the 28th and 1st, consider putting an end to friendships or groups you belong to if you feel they are a poor influence. Avoid excessive toxic relationships. Take care of personal responsibilities on the 2nd, and you will clear the way for new beginnings, pastimes and professional changes.

CANCER (June 21-July 22): Physical challenges will lead to emotional stress on the 24th. Focus on creative, intellectual endeavors, and spare your body any unnecessary pain. Do what you love doing most on the 25th, 26th and 27th, and you will find a way to turn a hobby into a moneymaking endeavor. Communication or visiting with people you feel might be interested in what you have to offer will lead to a diverse set of circumstances as well as an unexpected opportunity. Good fortune is within reach if you promote what you have to offer on the 28th and 1st. Celebrate, live it up and enjoy flaunting what you have to offer on the 2nd, and you will make headway personally and professionally.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): You need a change on the 24th. Make a point of altering the people, places and pastimes you visit. Take a step back in time and revisit what you miss from your past. Money, contracts, health and legal issues should be dealt with on the 25th, 26th and 27th. A bad diagnosis or poor information is apparent. It's important to not let an emotional disagreement lead to a loss. Be willing to compromise if necessary. Put more time and effort into your home, family and personal assets on the 28th and 1st. Instead of acting on impulse, you must get the facts firsthand. Take a creative approach to money matters on the 2nd, and you will bypass a loss due to someone outmaneuvering you.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Check out potential investments on the 24th, and you will find the perfect fit for your portfolio. An unexpected change in your financial situation looks positive. Take hold of any situation you face that deals with business, family or personal partnerships on the 25th, 26th and 27th. You can have the upper hand as long as you spell out exactly what it is you want. Don't back down -- let your intuition guide you in the right direction. Talks will lead to solutions on the 28th and 1st. A partnership will enable you to put your skills and talents to good use. Love is featured on the 2nd. Mingle if you are single, or make plans for two if you are involved.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Socialize, network or enjoy the company of someone you love on the 24th. Romance, relaxation and doing something to enhance your physical and emotional wellness should be your goal. On the 25th, 26th and 27th, don't let emotions interfere with what needs to be done with regards to taxes, banking or business affairs. You must keep a clear head if you want to make the best choice. Impulsive decisions will lead to loss. Look at your professional options on the 28th and 1st. Incorporate what you enjoy doing with what you are trained to do, and you will improve your work prospects. Update your resume and surf online job postings on the 2nd, and you'll find something interesting.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Someone you live with or feel responsible for will limit what you can do on the 24th. Take care of the demands being made early in the day so you don't miss out on something you've been looking forward to doing. Taking part in a cause, fundraiser or group endeavor on the 25th, 26th and 27th will bring you in contact with interesting people who can help you follow through with decisions you've had to make. You'll be able to improve your domestic situation and lifestyle if you take an unorthodox approach to the way you run your home on the 28th and 1st. Enjoy socializing and taking part in creative projects on the 2nd, and you will meet and make new friends.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Don't underestimate the people you are dealing with or encounter on the 24th. Proceed with caution to avoid mishaps from occurring. Don't let your emotions overrule common sense on the 25th, 26th and 27th. Making a promise you cannot fulfill will damage your reputation or cause a disagreement with someone you thought you could trust. Stick close to home on the 28th and 1st, and you will be able to make the necessary changes that can protect you from outside influences. You can lend a helping hand on the 2nd, but before you do, make sure that you are offering your services to someone deserving. Ulterior motives are apparent.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Collect or pay an old debt on the 24th, and you will be able to salvage a friendship that has been under pressure. A chance to make a professional move or financial gain is apparent on the 25th, 26th and 27th. Take an unusual approach, and you will intrigue someone with the foresight and influence to help you put your plans or services into motion. The more creative you are, the more you will benefit. A change of plans or location may be requested on the 28th and 1st. Don't make a move unless you feel it will make a huge difference to the outcome. You will get your way on the 2nd if you follow your imagination. Prosperity and recognition are mounting.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Put your heart on the line and make your thoughts regarding your home and living arrangements be heard on the 24th. Talks will lead to better, more efficient digs. Weigh the pros and cons when it comes to a lifestyle change on the 25th, 26th and 27th. You don't want to add stress to your situation due to a financial oversight. Revisit an old idea, but don't let impulse lead to trouble. Look at your personal papers, assets and liabilities on the 28th and 1st, and you will have a better idea of what you can and cannot do. Stick within your budget. On the 2nd, talk is cheap and can be your ticket to improve your lifestyle without jeopardizing your position or future opportunities.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Minor health issues will escalate on the 24th if you don't take immediate action to counteract whatever symptoms develop. Concentrate on important partnerships on the 25th, 26th and 27th, and you will find out information that will be helpful to you in the future. Expect someone to exaggerate in order to get your attention. Avoid any type of excessive behavior. A last-minute change or an unexpected response from someone you must deal with must not be allowed to influence your plans on the 28th and 1st. Look over contracts or discuss what you want to see happen on the 2nd, and you will find a way to prosper. Invest in a skill, talent or service you want to offer.

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