Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Grandma's Make-over Confuses Granddaughter

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: My grandmother just turned 63. She and my grandfather have been divorced since I was in middle school, and now, all of a sudden my grandmother has decided to do some kind of make-over of her hair, the way she wears makeup, and even her clothes. I not only don’t get it, but I think she’s getting weird or something. She has always dressed like what I think a grandmother should dress like, but now she dresses like she thinks she’s in her 20s or 30s and her long hair has gone short and blonde.

I talked to my mother about this, and she just said Grandma needed to make some changes and that she thinks it’s great she is taking care of herself and thinking about her appearance. She said that she thought there might be a new man in Grandma’s life, and that she was waiting to hear about him from Grandma.

I think my grandmother has gone too far in this and I want to tell her so, but my mother told me to keep my mouth shut. Do you agree? --- GRANDMA’S ONLY SANE FAMILY MEMBER

DEAR GRANDMA’S ONLY SANE FAMILY MEMBER: I’m strongly with your mom on this.

Just as you like to decide how you present yourself to the world, so does your grandmother. It’s entirely possible that what you think of as a radical makeover is simply a redo of a look she felt worked for her in her younger days.

Bottom line, if it makes her feel good about herself, more power to her.

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