Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

LW and Dad at Odds Over New Year's Resolutions

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: My father has always been big on making New Year’s resolutions, and I am not.

Every year since I was a kid he’s asked me what I intend to do to make myself or the world better in the year to come. That was a heavy burden on an eight-year-old, and 20 years later, I still hate it.

What do I say to my father to get him to back off on this unwelcome tradition? --- LIKE TO SET MY OWN GOALS

DEAR LIKE TO SET MY OWN GOALS: I guess it might depend on whether your dad is doing this to be controlling or motivating. The latter is kind of sweet; the former not so much.

Either way, it’s probably time to have a calm and frank conversation with your dad to remind him that as an adult, you — and only you — are in charge of setting your own goals, if you even choose to do so.

From Mom: Here’s to a Healthy, More Normal, and Happy New Year for all!

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