Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Diet Crazes Frustrate Dad

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: My daughter seems to be on a different “best diet” every month or so. She doesn’t even particularly need to lose weight, but she reads about something that’s super healthy, or purgative, or muscle building, or whatever everyone’s worrying about fixing this year.

I keep telling her that a sensible, well-balanced diet is all she needs. Instead, she spends a fortune on stuff she ends up throwing out once it goes out of fashion or expires. I also don’t know how good some of this stuff is for her.

Why can’t people just eat right, and, heaven forbid, do a little exercise? --- PRACTICAL DAD

DEAR PRACTICAL DAD: It sounds like your daughter is simply continuing an ongoing tradition of trying to take steps to be in control of her health and/or her body image.

Since some of the hottest dieting and “health enhancing” trends can be expensive, and in some cases outright dangerous, if any red flags pop up while she’s on the latest and greatest regimen, talk seriously to her about your concerns for her health and her wallet.

However, if there aren’t any alarms going off, while it may be frustrating to you, it hopefully isn’t anything to worry about, and you should let your daughter find out for herself what works and what doesn’t.

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