Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Nosy Grandpa Proves Too Much for LW

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: I am in trouble with my girlfriend, because I kind of told her grandfather off, because he is always asking all these questions about stuff I do not think is any of his business. She says he is just trying to make conversation and all I am is rude, but she does not get grilled every time we visit my grandparents.

Am I wrong to shut down the inquisition? --- DON’T LIKE TOO MANY QUESTIONS

DEAR DON’T LIKE TOO MANY QUESTIONS: Ticking off your girlfriend’s family, especially a beloved grandparent, is not usually a good idea. What you may consider a third-degree interrogation may very well be, as your girlfriend suggested, Grandpa’s attempt to make a conversational connection with you. He may also be genuinely interested in the man in his granddaughter’s life.

I’d cut him a little slack, and if at any point, the questions become too intrusive, you can politely let him know this isn’t a topic you’re comfortable discussing. Rudeness can usually be avoided with a little filtering and a touch of patience.

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