Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

SIL Seeks to Avoid Time with Wife's Single-minded Dad

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: My wife and her dad are close and share many common interests. Unfortunately, the ones she shares with him are not the hobbies she and I enjoy together. He’s a big fisherman and especially likes fly fishing, which I think is about as dull a way to spend time as possible. When he isn’t working, he’s fishing, or tying flies, or talking about fishing adventures and flies he’s tied. I respect his enthusiasm, but don’t share it in the least.

How do I tell my father-in-law I really don’t care about his passion? He and my wife seem to think it’s something I need to get into too. --- NO ANGLER

DEAR NO ANGLER: You seem to be forgetting that you and your father-in-law have something very much in common — your wife. You could let them know you’re pleased that they still get to spend time together doing something they both enjoy; that this is their special time, and the last thing they need or should want is to have you tagging along.

Perhaps you could also offer that you look forward to the days they’re fishing to get caught up with some of your own pet projects and hobbies.

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