Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Spouses Disagree on How Soon Is Too Soon to Get a New Pet

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: My wife’s cat, which she had since long before we were married, died in April.

We had a huge fight because I suggested now that the shelter is open for adoptions again, she take a look and maybe adopt a new cat. She misses her old one so much, I thought this would help.

Clearly I was wrong. She called me heartless and a lot of other things. She said I wouldn’t just look to replace a human family member so easily, so why should I think she can replace her best feline friend just like that.

Was I wrong to even suggest she find a new friend to help her feel better about losing the old one? --- IN HOT WATER

DEAR IN HOT WATER: It doesn’t take long for a pet to become an important part of the family. Your wife may feel she’ll never replace the pet she lost, since like with our human companions, the relationships we share with our furry ones are unique.

While your intentions are good, I think you really have to leave it up to your wife to decide when, or if, she’ll be ready to find a new pet.

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