Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Still-Stressed LW Not Ready to Move Back Out of Dad's House

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: Although I had to finish my final semester on-line after moving back to my dad’s house, and the job I had lined up fell through, I was not doing too badly despite the pandemic. I was able to get a job at a small shop in the downtown area not far from my dad’s home after our state reopened. It only shut down for a few extra days because the owners were concerned about protests, which fortunately stayed peaceful.

Now that things are getting closer to normal, my dad is beginning to pressure me to start looking for someplace else to live, but honestly, I don’t feel like everything is back to normal enough to guarantee the shop won’t close again and everything will be how it was this spring. I don’t make that much that I could afford to pay rent and put away some money in case I find myself out of a job, especially since I was lucky to get the one I did.

What can I say to convince my dad I need a little more time before moving out, which I do want to do, but not right now? --- STILL NERVOUS

DEAR STILL NERVOUS: You’ve got plenty of company in your concerns about the immediate future. We’ve gone through a lot since the beginning of the year, and as much as many things are slowly finding a new normal, there’s still an understandable general sense of trepidation.

Talk to your dad about your feelings, if you haven’t already. Now that you’re making money, perhaps you could offer to either pay some rent or at least pitch in on helping with regular expenses. But be aware that your moving forward is in everyone’s best interest, and may have already happened by now if not for this being such an extraordinary time.

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