Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

New Parents Don't Want In-Laws' Gift

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: My wife doesn’t know how to tell my parents that she really doesn’t want the diaper service they paid for as part of her baby shower. We really appreciate the gesture, but we feel we’re capable of washing the diapers and would rather they spend their money on something else either for themselves or their new granddaughter. They were so excited about the gift when they gave it to us that neither my wife nor I want to hurt their feelings.

How do we tell them thanks but no thanks? --- ON TOP OF THE DIAPER SITUATION

DEAR ON TOP OF THE DIAPER SITUATION: Perhaps the best case you can make is the one you presented in your letter — that you can think of other things you’d like to see them spend their money on.

Before you turn the gift down, though, consider not only does the paid-for service save you money, but more importantly it gives you more time to enjoy your new baby, which is priceless. Besides, if it’s making your folks happy that they’re doing something to help you and your wife during this time of adjusting to life as a growing family, then why not enjoy the gift?

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