Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Son Can't Get Mom to Venture Back into the World

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: Even though our state’s stay-at-home order was lifted weeks ago, my mother refuses to go anywhere besides the food store and the pharmacy. She won’t even come to our house to spend time with me, my wife, our baby, and our toddler. My wife and I are still working from home, so it isn’t like we’re exposed to many more people than she is when she does her grocery shopping.

I can tell the isolation has been getting to her, and I would have thought having the chance to get out and be with her grandkids would be something she’d jump at. What would you suggest that might tempt her out of her house? --- WORRIED ABOUT MY MOM

DEAR WORRIED ABOUT MY MOM: Given everything going on these days, it’s not surprising your mom is hesitant to leave what she may consider her only safe haven.

If she won’t come to your house, is she perhaps open to having you and your family stop by her place? With the warmer weather and longer days, maybe she’d be more tempted to do something along the lines of a backyard picnic, where safe distances would be easier to maintain; and if it helps further, you might offer for you and your wife to wear masks.

If she gets comfortable being around people she’s close to first, it might make it a little easier for her to begin venturing out to other familiar settings.

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