Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

New GF Irritated by BF's Ex's Copycat Routine

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: My boyfriend has a kid with his ex, so they have to meet up for custody swaps. Funny thing — well not so funny to me — is that every time we see her, his ex is either wearing nearly exactly what I had on the last time, or has done her hair, make-up, or nails how I usually do and she usually doesn’t.

I’ve known this woman since we worked together a few summers ago. She has completely different tastes and styles from me, yet now, she’s my “Mini-Me.”

I didn’t have an American Girl doll when I was a kid. Why should I have to have a living one now? --- REAL ME

DEAR REAL ME: Maybe the ex is hoping to replicate whatever it is you do that’s allowing you to succeed where she failed.

Saying something to her would only come off as catty, and since you’ve got the guy, you can afford to be magnanimous and let it go. If she doesn’t get a reaction from either you or your boyfriend, she may eventually tire of her imitation game.

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