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Gamer Lost in Space Leaves GF on Earth

Gamer Lost in Space Leaves GF on Earth

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: When I first met my boyfriend in college, I thought it was kind of cute how he and his buddies got sucked into their gaming. To be honest, it gave me a chance to keep on track with my course load, which was a lot heavier than his.

Now that we’re living together, it’s really getting on my nerves when all he wants to do is sit in the spare bedroom and either play his own games or follow esports. I get that he works hard at a very stressful job, but so do I.

I don’t want to break up, but I’m considering trying a “games or me” ultimatum on him. My worry is, what if it backfires? --- TIRED OF BEING SECOND FIDDLE

DEAR TIRED OF BEING SECOND FIDDLE: If you haven’t had an open conversation with your boyfriend about what you’re feeling, then you’re doing both of you a disservice. It doesn’t need to be an ultimatum, but he should know how much the constant gaming bothers you. You may find he thought the current arrangement was working for you both, given that it worked well in the past.

If, however, after you’ve hashed things out, you continue to be frustrated by the amount of time your boyfriend devotes to his gaming, then you might want to seriously start considering how much of a future you two have together as a couple.

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