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LW Not Ready to Dine Out with Family

LW Not Ready to Dine Out with Family

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: My family has been blessed so far in not having any of us infected by the coronavirus, and I really want to keep it that way. We have not so much as had takeout from our favorite local restaurant while they were only offering curbside pick-up. Now they are open for a few hours a day, with only a limited number of tables available.

Our parents’ anniversary is in a couple of weeks, and my mom and dad want us to all go out to celebrate at the restaurant. There are six in our family, so we would be allowed a table, but I am so scared we will come home with the virus. I do not get why my mom and dad will not wait until we know it is completely safe to eat out again. Is it wrong for me to ask them to do that? --- NERVOUS DAUGHTER

DEAR NERVOUS DAUGHTER: Your desire to be cautious is completely understandable, and you should share your concerns with your parents, if you haven’t yet.

Since we’re in fairly unchartered territory with this virus, a lot is being played by ear, working with the best information available at the time decisions are being made. I would hope and guess the reopening of restaurants in your area is being closely regulated and monitored, but if you feel uncomfortable about venturing out at this point, then maybe your folks will consider postponing their special dinner. After all, it doesn’t seem likely it will be a very enjoyable event for you if you’re tense and worried the whole time you should be celebrating.

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