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Granddaughter Worries About Recently-Widowed Grandma

Granddaughter Worries About Recently-Widowed Grandma

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: My grandpa passed late last July. He and my grandma would have been married 60 years this June and Grandpa’s birthday is exactly a week after their anniversary. It’s going to be a rough few weeks for my grandma; I’m thinking rougher than the first holiday season she had to go through without him last year.

What can I do to help my grandmother through what she has to face over the next few weeks? I almost think not making a big deal about the wedding anniversary, birthday, and death anniversary would be better for her. --- CONCERNED GRANDDAUGHTER

DEAR CONCERNED GRANDDAUGHTER: I don’t believe ignoring these important events will make your grandmother’s grief any less. Facing these days for the first time without her husband will be tough enough, and perhaps you can work together with other family members or some of your grandmother’s close friends to see if they have any ideas of how to honor your grandfather’s memory and the life he and your grandmother made together. Those who know her best can hopefully suggest ways to comfort and support her on what could be very difficult days ahead.

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