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House by a Cemetery Creeps Out Potential Homebuyer

House by a Cemetery Creeps Out Potential Homebuyer

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: While I’m not at all superstitious, my wife is, and because of its location, she doesn’t want to seriously consider what we both think of as the perfect house in every other way. It’s in a neighborhood that backs onto a cemetery. The house is near the cemetery’s oldest section, which hasn’t been actively used for decades, even though it is well cared for. The price and features of the house, not to mention an ideal property tax rate for our area, are not enough to convince my wife this is the place we should buy.

What else can I say to make her more open to the right house in not such a bad place? --- NOT AFRAID OF A FEW HEADSTONES

DEAR NOT AFRAID OF A FEW HEADSTONES: You refer to the house as “perfect”, but for your wife it breaks the cardinal rule of real estate — location, location, location — regardless of everything else in its favor.

One of you is going to have to compromise here, and if your wife truly feels she could never get used to the home’s nearest neighbors, then it’s probably time to move on in your house hunt.

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