Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Neighbor's Kid's a Creeper

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: My boyfriend and I recently moved into an apartment building with one of those open courtyards. I thought it was a good idea when we first got here, but the past few weeks I’ve changed my mind because of this creepy kid who lives across from us. He sits out on his balcony and stares at me whenever I’m out there. If my boyfriend comes out, the kid ducks back into his apartment and must watch, because as soon as my boyfriend goes in, the kid comes out.

I don’t think my boyfriend believes me about this little creeper, and I am to the point where I won’t sit out on our own balcony because I don’t want to deal with either my boyfriend’s doubting me or the evil kid’s watching me.

I know who his mother is, and I want to say something, but what can I say? --- CREEPED OUT

DEAR CREEPED OUT: There’s probably little to be accomplished by trying to tell a mother her kid’s a Peeping Tom in the making. What might help is if your boyfriend believed you.

Maybe you can convince him by finding a way to capture evidence of your peeper creeper in the act. A video recorded on your cell might work.

If the kid knows you’re not the only one who sees him, it might inspire him to find a new hobby.

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