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Parents Feel Source of Son's Cash Is Dubious

Parents Feel Source of Son's Cash Is Dubious

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: Our son works at a bar with a sort of iffy reputation. The word has always been it’s run by a local mob family. Given that the place has been closed for all but limited carryout since March, we can’t understand where our son is getting the cash he seems to always have on hand when he only works a few hours a week. My wife and I can’t help but wonder if he is doing some “side jobs” for the bar’s owners, and if so, what trouble he may find himself in down the road.

Do we share our theory with him, or just let it go and hope things get back to the way they were before? --- CONCERNED ABOUT OUR SON

DEAR CONCERNED ABOUT OUR SON: It’s possible the owners of the bar have continued paying their staff something for as long as they’re able. Generous tips on carryout service could also be a consideration. However, as concerned parents, while you may not have a right to pry into your adult son’s affairs, you can share your thoughts with him. He may laugh it off, get angry, or take it seriously, but at least he’ll know you care enough to ask.

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