Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Girlfriend Hates Boyfriend's Scavenging

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: My boyfriend isn’t exactly a dumpster-diver, but if we’re out and he sees something someone’s put out for trash, he’ll stop, look the thing over, and if he thinks he can do something with it, no matter how messed up some of the stuff is, he’ll take it back to his garage/workshop. He actually does make use of a good portion of the stuff he picks up, but I find it disgusting and ask him not to do it when he’s with me. But he still does, and it bothers me, and honestly, kind of grosses me out. Am I in the wrong here? --- THE MAN LOVES TRASH

DEAR THE MAN LOVES TRASH: As someone who did some curbside salvaging in my younger days, I understand where your boyfriend’s coming from. I also see how his not respecting your wishes can be a problem for you.

Keep making it plain to him that although you don’t love his habit, you don’t mind it so much if he doesn’t make you part of his rescue missions. When he sees something he’s really intrigued by, ask him to go back for it later, when you’re not around to see him in action.

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