Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Summer Camp Job Pays Less, Rewards More

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: For the past three years I have worked at an out-of-state summer camp that pays little, but provides me with a job I love and experience in my future profession of teaching.

This year, I’m getting heat from my parents to take an internship closer to home that pays more, but has absolutely nothing to do with my chosen field. How do I get them to understand why I want to pick my own summer job? --- PREFER TO BE A CAMP COUNSELOR

DEAR PREFER TO BE A CAMP COUNSELOR: It seems you have a pretty good argument stated in your letter. You see the counselor gig as an investment in your future. So long as it isn’t costing you more than you’re making in travel and expenses, hopefully you’re coming away with some money by the time you head home.

However, don’t entirely discount your parents’ concerns. If they’re counting on you to pitch in towards the cost of your education, then you need to keep that in the balance when you make your final decision about how to spend your summer.

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