Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Which Babysitter Gets the Job?

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: When our usual babysitter was sick with the flu on the night of my husband’s company banquet, we hired her slightly younger sister. The kids loved her, telling us she did a lot more with them and wasn’t texting the whole time, like our usual sitter is. We also got a really good feeling from the substitute. Instead of just taking the money and running, she let us know how the night went.

Moving forward, we want to hire her when we go out, but how do I tell her big sister we don’t need her anymore? --- ONE BABYSITTER TOO MANY

DEAR ONE BABYSITTER TOO MANY: This would be awkward even if the sitters weren’t also sisters.

One solution may be to work out a rotation between the two when you need coverage. You could explain you want to give both a chance to make a little money.

It isn’t impossible that the older sister might jump at letting someone else take over, so she has either more social time or the opportunity to get work outside of babysitting that offers more — or at least more regular — earnings.

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