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Wife Balks at Attending Wedding of Husband's Best Friends

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: So, I have a situation with my husband. 

His two best friends are getting married. I mostly get along OK with the groom, not so much with the bride. I also really dislike going to weddings. 

The thing is, my husband wants me to go and has gotten upset with me for asking him if it’s really necessary.

Apparently, it would cause tension between him and his friends if I don’t attend.

I just didn’t want to have to sit through a wedding, especially since he’s going to be participating as best man, so I’d practically be alone for the whole affair.

What do you think? --- WANTING TO SIT THIS ONE OUT

DEAR WANTING TO SIT THIS ONE OUT: I get your reluctance to attend the wedding essentially on your own, since your husband will be wrapped up in his job as best man. However, this is something important to him, and sounds like it falls under that umbrella of married life means compromising sometimes.

If possible, you might want to find out if your husband will be expected to remain with the wedding party throughout the reception, sitting at a head table, for instance. Since the current trend in weddings is a sweetheart table rather than a dais, then he should be able to be with you after the ceremony. If not, perhaps you could see if you would be allowed a plus one so that you’d have someone to keep you company, and hopefully make the wedding more enjoyable for you.

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