Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Energetic SIL Starts but Never Finishes

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: My daughter’s husband is one of those people who never sits down. That’s not the problem, even though our daughter is the most laid-back 27-year-old you can imagine.

What gets me is that for all the projects he starts, my SIL never gets around to finishing anything. He bounces from one project to another, and although I’m not one for labels, I sometimes worry he’s manic or hyperactive, or both.

I also worry that his habits will lead to a home that’s full of unfinished “improvements”, and a life for my daughter that’s constantly unsettled.

Do I say something to my daughter, or just keep my lips zipped? --- TO ZIP OR NOT TO ZIP

DEAR TO ZIP OR NOT TO ZIP: Since you have at least one grown child, this can’t be the first time you’ve faced this occupational hazard of parenthood.

While I get your concern and frustration, if your son-in-law’s never-ending-never-finishing habits don’t bother your daughter, and aren’t presenting any health or safety risks, I fall on the “keep it zipped” side of your quandary.

This is something your daughter and her husband have to deal with for themselves, if they even see it as an issue to be dealt with.

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