Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Rough Times Make Holiday Decorating Unappealing

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: Although my mother keeps telling me how blessed we are to have so far stayed safe from COVID, I do not feel particularly blessed. My hours at work are still cut, two of my supervisors tested positive, and one ended up in the hospital. I have had to borrow money from my parents to pay my car insurance and loan payment, and if things do not improve soon, I will be heading back to a basement apartment at my grandmother’s house, not to mention I can not afford to do any Christmas shopping, not even for my family.

With all this going on, I really do not feel like I want to do any holiday decorating, which my mom is getting on me about. She has even offered to come over and help me get my apartment “in the holiday spirit”.

I appreciate my mom’s positivity and all that, but how do I convince her I really am not in a festive mood? --- FEELING THE HUMBUG

DEAR FEELING THE HUMBUG: It isn’t easy for parents to see their kids struggling. Your mom may just be trying to boost your morale by encouraging you to find something like normalcy through holiday traditions.

Ultimately, it’s your place and your decision, and your mother needs to respect your wishes; but it might make you feel a little better to have some holiday cheer on display.

As to your worries about not being able to afford to do Christmas shopping, perhaps you could come up with gifts that don’t cost you anything but a little time, like offering to do something that might give loved ones a break, such as taking on chores or projects they have been wanting to tackle.

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