Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Discussions About Daughters' Sex Life Makes Mom Uncomfortable

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: I know it seems to be pretty standard these days for everyone to blab about their sex lives, especially younger people. But I am just not at all comfortable having my daughters talking to me about theirs. If they needed relationship advice or emotional support over a new relationship or the end of one, I’m there. It’s the bedroom details I just am squeamish about, and I’m afraid if I shut down the conversations about that, they’ll think I am not available for the kind of talks I am more than willing to have with them.

How do I draw the line without closing the door? --- TMI SUFFERER

DEAR TMI SUFFERER: Since your daughters apparently have no issues being completely candid with you, then it might be your turn to clearly and directly let them know your feelings about your comfort level when it comes to discussing details about their sex lives.

As you say, young people are used to sharing just about every detail of their life, but as a parent, you’re well within your rights to set limits and still be there for your daughters as a comforter and sounding board.

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