Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Lack of Church-going Bothers Mother

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: My two sons were raised in the same church I grew up attending. We didn’t make it to service every week when the boys were growing up, but we have always been active, including the boys doing youth group and youth band.

For the last two years, well before the start of COVID, neither boy has set foot in our or any other church, except when they go with me for Easter and Christmas. I didn’t think I raised a couple of “Chreasters”, but that seems to be what has happened, and it bothers me — a lot.

I have spoken to each of them about this, and the answer they both give is that they still believe in God, they just don’t feel they need to sit in a church to prove it. Do you think I would do more damage pushing them to attend, or do I let it drop for now? --- MISS MY SONS AT CHURCH

DEAR MISS MY SONS AT CHURCH: It’s not at all unusual for people to follow a different religious or spiritual path than the one in which they were raised, especially in their young adult years, and I doubt pushing them in a direction they don’t want to go in will do any good.

For now, enjoy their being with you on the occasions they do attend. It seems to me to demonstrate their respect for both you and your devotion to your faith.

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