Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Giving Thanks Even in Tough Times

DEAR READERS: I know 2020 has been rough for many. I keep hearing how people feel this is the worst year they’ve ever known, and for the younger generations, this may very well be true.

Something that growing up and growing older does — or should do — is to teach us that it’s beneficial to always keep in mind that bad times do usually get better for most of us. I’ve been around long enough to see some sad and scary days, and to have observed that the people who best weather challenges large and small are those who can look beyond a dark present to a better, brighter future, which they may not even be around to enjoy.

On this holiday set aside for giving thanks, please remember to keep both eyes open for the better days that will come, and a heart grateful for what makes this and every day worth living.

Here’s to a good, safe, and happy Thanksgiving to all!

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