Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Halloween Party Plans Miff Dad

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: My son announced he was invited to a Halloween party, which he fully intends to attend. I told him he is nuts for taking such a big chance, especially since I know the guy throwing the party, and I can guarantee it will be an overcrowded mess. My son assures me he’ll be careful, but I have already told him I do not want him around his mother and me for at least two weeks after he has been in what I consider a very risky environment. Am I overreacting? --- DON’T LIKE PARTY PLANS

DEAR DON’T LIKE PARTY PLANS: I’m with you in that it’s a bad idea to be in crowds these days, even if all reasonable precautions are taken. But the young, as ever, believe themselves invulnerable.

You’ve done your part to warn your son and to let him know what his actions will lead to as far as you and his mother are concerned. If he’s a legal adult and on his own, there’s little more you can do.

If he’s still living at home, you’ll have to consider how you can keep him safely apart from his mom and yourself in the same house. It can be done. I’ve known of other families who’ve managed to make voluntary in-home quarantines work.

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