Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Husband Wants to Convince Wife You Get What You Pay For

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: My wife comes from a very large family, and her parents never had much money to spend on furniture and other household items.

Between us, my wife and I make enough money to afford, if not top quality across the board, then certainly good quality things for our house, but my wife has this thing about not spending more than what the cheapest version of anything costs. For instance, we bought a sofa from one of those discount furniture places, because my wife didn’t even want to go to Ikea to look for one. Within a year, the cushions are getting mushy and the frame has already started sagging.

I try to tell her you get what you pay for, but I just don’t seem to get through. What else can I do to convince her? --- MARRIED TO MS. BOTTOM LINE

DEAR MARRIED TO MS. BOTTOM LINE: Maybe getting your wife to do a little research on future furniture and other larger ticket purchases might help her understand that, as you say, “you get what you pay for.” Professional and fellow consumer ratings are readily available online and in print and could convince her that spending a little more up front may mean spending less in the long run.

Be aware, however, that your wife’s not wrong in all cases. There are plenty of instances where higher cost doesn’t guarantee better quality, and that’s another argument for some pre-purchase homework.

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