Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Partner Ruled by Superstition

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: My partner grew up in what I think of as a weird home. His parents were raised by relatives who were super superstitious, and that’s how his parents raised him and his sister. She seems to have been able to move past all the silliness, but sometimes he drives me crazy with his need to follow “the old ways.” For instance, we got into a huge fight because I put my hat on the bed, and one time he went off because I brought home some pussy willows as part of a flower arrangement I was bringing to my mom. I never heard of this stuff until we started dating.

Isn’t it strange for an otherwise intelligent man to be ruled by old wives’ tales? --- HEAVEN FORBID I WHISTLE IN THE HOUSE

DEAR HEAVEN FORBID I WHISTLE IN THE HOUSE: In my experience, superstitions are attempts to exert control over an unpredictable world. Deep down inside, I think the majority of us foster some kind of superstition. Consider athletes and performers who practice their own personal rituals to help them, if not be positively perfect, at least to not screw up in front of their audiences.

It's unlikely you’re going to convince your partner to change his thinking on this topic. As long as his superstitions don’t overcome his ability to function normally, I say let him keep them. He’s certainly far from alone.

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