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Husband’s Practical Jokes Wear Thin

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: I’ve known my husband since high school, even though we didn’t start going together until shortly after we both graduated college. He can be the sweetest, most considerate guy, but he drives me nuts with his not-so-funny practical jokes, especially when one or more of his buddies or his kid brother are around. They don’t do anything that puts anyone in physical danger. It’s more mind games, but I’ve seen people get hurt by them, and then try to laugh it off.

I’ve spoken to my husband and brother-in-law about it, and so long as the friends aren’t around, they’ve been doing better.

Is there any point in me talking to the friends too? --- MARRIED TO A JOKER

DEAR MARRIED TO A JOKER: Many consider practical joking harmless, but there’s always the danger of unintentional damage. However, I don’t believe your speaking to your husband’s friends will do much of anything beyond putting you at risk of becoming more of a target for their humor.

Since you’ve been noticing an improvement with your husband and his brother, maybe it’ll start rubbing off on their friends.

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