Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Destructive Cat Creates Tension Between Roomies

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: I have a golden lab and my roommate has a tabby cat. The animals get along just fine, but that cat is one destructive furball. So far, she’s trashed my leather recliner, shredded the legs of the kitchen table and chairs, and damaged the carpets with her peeing outside the litter box.

I keep my dog crated while I’m out of the apartment, but the cat is free to roam and destroy at will.

I’ve spoken to my roommate about the problem a bunch of times, but she just laughs it off with a cute remark about cats will be cats.

I’m done with her cat, but I can’t afford to live without a roommate. If my dog is expected to behave, why can’t this cat be controlled better? --- DOG GUY

DEAR DOG GUY: Perhaps your roommate could follow your lead and confine the cat when no one is around to stop its destructive behavior. Keeping the cat secured in one particular room or even in a crate might help minimize some of the damage.

You also need to make your concerns very clear to your roommate. Let her know you find it neither cute nor unimportant, especially when it’s your belongings that are being ruined.

If she can’t control her pet, be sure she understands she’ll have to replace the items her cat destroys. Being held financially responsible for the actions of her pet might help her take your complaints seriously.

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