Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Parents Tire of Being Mom's and Dad's Warehouse for Adult Kids

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: Our youngest is still in college, so my husband and I are okay with his stuff still being in the house, but his older brothers and his sister are now out on their own, in their own places, and although they did a pretty good job of taking their things with them when they left, they all have started bringing items here for us to hold onto until they have bigger homes in the future, whenever that may be. Are we wrong to stop taking any further additions? We want to downsize at some point, and that won’t be possible with all their stuff here. --- WAREHOUSE MANAGERS IN RESIDENCE

DEAR WAREHOUSE MANAGERS IN RESIDENCE: Getting ready to downsize can be a huge job, so why make it harder on yourselves? I think you’re perfectly right to shut the storage facility down. Suggest to your kids that they immediately stop collecting stuff until they’re ready to provide a more permanent place for it all, and recommend they find alternate storage ─ space sooner rather than later ─ for what’s already being kept with you. Make it clear you’re looking to downsize, and your home can no longer be their free climate-controlled warehouse.

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