Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Grandparents Have Trouble with Grandkids' Unconventional Names

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: Our daughter is pregnant for the second time and she and her husband are starting to consider names. Their son is named Bryce, which we thought, while it’s a nice name, could go for either a boy or a girl and cause confusion in the future.

This time our daughter is carrying twin boys and they are seriously thinking of naming them Kaiyden and Jaiyden.

Now I know our generation went with some far-out names, but I don’t get the thinking behind going with potentially confusing and hard to spell names. Are my wife and I just losing touch with the times? --- CONFUSED GRANDS

DEAR CONFUSED GRANDS: Names go in and out of popularity. For instance, my name was a hot one in the late 50s and early 60s, and has been falling out of vogue ever since.

Your daughter and son-in-law are just continuing the tradition of being attracted to trendy names. If the names they pick are popular enough, their kids will run across others with the same names as they move through school and life. As unusual as the names may seem to you now, it’s a good bet your grandsons won’t be the only kids wearing them.

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