Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Husband's Yardwork Obsession Bugs Wife

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: We bought our first house three years ago, and right after we unpacked and set the house up, my husband started fussing with the yardwork. He’s up early every Saturday morning and doesn’t get done until late in the afternoon. Honestly, the yard does look awesome, but I don’t get what he’s doing all that time. Besides, it makes it hard for us to do anything else during the Saturdays from April through October.

Do you think his “hobby” as he calls it is a healthy one? --- THE GARDNER’S WIFE

DEAR THE GARDNER’S WIFE: We all need hobbies, and I can think of a lot less healthy and productive ones than spending a few hours a week keeping your property looking good, at least at ground level. I know many people who find it therapeutic to work outdoors, especially if they are inside for their jobs all week long.

While your husband is busy doing his thing, you should take advantage of the time to also get busy with pursuits or projects of your own.

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