Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Friends Differ on Treatment of Snitch

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: I think that if one of your friends snitches on another that the snitch deserves to get locked out of the group.

My now ex-friend told my now ex-girlfriend I’d been hooking up with another girl and that finished us off. Another one of my friends thinks I had it coming and doesn’t see why I’m so pissed at the guy with the big mouth. Who’s right here? --- EX-FRIEND OF A SNITCH

DEAR EX-FRIEND OF A SNITCH: It may not have been his place to tell your ex-girlfriend that you were cheating on her, but if you hadn’t been cheating, he wouldn’t have had anything to tell.

That one of your mutual friends is siding with the guy you call a snitch may imply the guy who spilled the beans isn’t your only friend who didn’t agree with your actions.

You decide for yourself how you want to deal with your ex-friend, and leave it up to your other friends to do the same.

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