Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Still Stuck on Good Friend's Ex

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: One of my closest friends dated a girl for nearly three years, and all that time I had strong feelings for her. They broke up nearly a month ago. No one’s to blame. They realized they want different things out of life.

When my friend told me what she wanted, it made me feel even worse about not having her around anymore, because her idea of a good life is so close to mine.

I really want to ask this girl out, but I feel that it would be a weird situation. Do you think I have to ask my friend’s permission to ask his ex-girlfriend out? --- STUCK ON THE GIRL

DEAR STUCK ON THE GIRL: As a courtesy, you should give your friend a heads-up about your plans, however there’s no reason you need to get his permission to ask his ex out.

I have little doubt that if you two start dating, it’ll be strange at first when you’re around mutual friends, especially the ex-boyfriend; but if there’s a real connection between you and the girl, it’ll be worth a little initial awkwardness.

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