Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Spoiling Aunt Causes Friction

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: My sister is my daughter’s favorite adult. Her own kids are grown, and even though she is nearly 15 years older than me, my 12-year-old daughter looks up to her like a cooler second mom.

I really think my sister forgot the hell her own kids put her through at this age, because she gives what I think is terrible advice to my daughter, who then uses her aunt’s advice against me and to defend her bad actions.

I don’t want to cut my sister off from my daughter, but what else can I do to make her influence less in my daughter’s life? --- NOT REALLY UNCOOL MOM

DEAR NOT REALLY UNCOOL MOM: Cutting your daughter off from her aunt could lead to more tension between you and your daughter, and probably wouldn’t do much for your relationship with your sister.

You need to openly tell your sister that, while you’re glad she and your daughter are so close, you have your own ideas of how to raise your child and need her to step back and let you do your job the best way you know how.

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