Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Single Mom’s Roomie Faces Guilt About Moving Out

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: My oldest, best friend asked me to move in with her and her little boy after her poor excuse for a human being of a husband ran out on her.

That was three years ago, and while I am glad I was able to help her out, and save on the amount of rent I have had to pay (she charges me next to nothing), I feel like it’s time for me to move back on my own again.

But I just cannot shake the guilt of leaving her on her own, not just financially, but with her son, who has come to look at me as a favorite auntie.

What’s a good way to make the move-out less painful? --- NEED TO MOVE OUT

DEAR NEED TO MOVE OUT: After three years, it’s understandable for you to feel you all need to be getting on with your lives.

Start by giving your friend plenty of notice so she can make alternate arrangements if she needs the rental income.

After the move, make sure they know you’re still there for them, even though you’re no longer living in the same home. For example, consider establishing a set night where you join them for a meal and an evening, or you could babysit on a regular basis so your friend can make plans to go out.

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