Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer


DEAR READERS: Today seems like the perfect time to say thank you to the letter writers, readers, and commenters out there. You all keep me on my toes, and while I don’t always get to read every comment, I do try to get a feel for your reactions. Sometimes you agree with my responses, others, not so much. Even when you call me out on my advice it’s all good, because I’m constantly learning, and the more perspectives put out there, the better.

As to be expected, there’re plenty of snark mongers who like to have their say. Reluctant as I may be to admit it, they’ve been known to make me laugh on occasion. And frequently, I’m quite moved by the many kind, generous, and courageous people who take time to talk about their experiences and share the wisdom and knowledge they’ve picked up along a sometimes painful and bumpy road.

To you all I send best wishes for a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and Joyous Kwanzaa; and if you don’t observe any of the above, I hope you too have much to celebrate. --- SUSAN

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