Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Diet Plan Is Hard to Follow in Snack-Happy Office

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: After my second baby I gained about 30 lbs. that just won’t go away. So, I’ve been on a diet that works perfectly outside the office, but when I’m at work, it’s a constant challenge. I work with a bunch of fit, young guys who are always bringing in all the wrong kind of snacks for someone on a diet. I keep telling them to have mercy on me and at least cut back on the amount of goodies they bring in.

I try to be strong, but when the stress gets to me, it’s too easy to pick at the cookies and chips. Any idea how to combat the temptations? --- DIETER IN SNACKLAND

DEAR DIETER IN SNACKLAND: How about fighting fire with fire, or at least cookies with crisp veggies?

If it’s the usual practice to have snack food laying around, supply some that you can safely enjoy and that your snack-happy coworkers may benefit from as well. Bring elements of your diet into the mix with veggie chips, nuts, or whatever you’d choose at home to appease your growling stomach.

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