Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Tired of Constant Fix-ups

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: Ever since my divorce was final, it seems like everyone I know is trying to set me up with someone. They’ve tricked me into blind dates, they’ve talked to single guy friends about me, they’ve teased me publicly about getting off the bench. Even both my parents get into the act, having some of my dad’s young coworkers “show up” when they know I’m coming over for dinner.

Honestly, I’ve had it. I think I’m the one who should decide when I want to start dating again. All the pushing just has me wanting to hide, and that’s no way to start looking for a new man in my life. How do I tell them to back off? --- I’LL KNOW WHEN I’M READY

DEAR I’LL KNOW WHEN I’M READY: Have you been as upfront with all your friendly neighborhood matchmakers as you are in your letter? If not, try telling them what you told me, that you’ll know when you’re ready and don’t need any help at this time.

While it may be reassuring that you have so many people who are concerned about your happiness, it is your life, and they need to understand that.

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