Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Au Pair Has a Thing for Employer

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: I am a live-in au pair to three young children, between the ages of one and five, who are beyond terrific and have really snagged my heart. I am also too embarrassed to tell even my best friends that I have a huge crush on my employer, their dad. I hardly ever see his wife since she’s an ER doctor and works long and weird hours, which is one reason they hired me. The dad is in school administration, so he has a lot of night meetings, which is another reason I have this job. It is usually the dad I see much more than the mom and he is possibly the hottest guy I know.

I am not looking to start anything with him, especially since I do not think he is at all interested in me, but I sometimes think I would be better finding another job so nothing can happen. Is that too radical a move over a crush? --- WORKING FOR ONE HOT DAD

DEAR WORKING FOR ONE HOT DAD: If you can keep tight tabs on your feelings, and it really is just a crush, then it may not be worth giving up a job you enjoy. However ─ and it’s one big however ─ if you believe your attraction to him is something you can’t help but act on, then hand in your notice immediately and find a new job.

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