Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Cubicle Chatter Drives Coworker Nuts

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: I work in a cubicle centered between two others. We do customer service, so everyone is on the phone most of the day. We do have downtime, though, which I like to use to get caught-up with reports, and the woman in the cubicle on the right spends it yakking with her friends, and she isn’t exactly discreet about it, especially when our boss isn’t around. She’s what my mom calls a “cackler,” and when she gets going, it drives me up the cubicle.

She’s not at all a bad person. In fact, she’s pretty nice and was one of the people who trained me. How do I get some peace and quiet without offending her? --- NEEDS SOME QUIET TIME

DEAR NEEDS SOME QUIET TIME: Why do you think bringing up her decibel level will offend her? She may be unaware of how loud she gets, and a simple conversation with her could be all that’s needed. Just be sure to choose your words carefully, perhaps letting her know her private business is getting heard by the entire office.

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