Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Wife's Exercise Overkill Causes Concern

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: I love how my wife looks, and I tell her this all the time, but she feels some need to work out, hard, every day of the week, sometimes for two or more hours. She never sees herself as done, which I know can be a good thing, but now I am beginning to think is more a sign of addiction than a self-improvement plan, especially when I see how jittery she gets when she misses even one day in the gym.

How do I convince her I’m worried about her and that she does not need to do overkill workouts to be an attractive woman? --- ALREADY LOVE HOW SHE LOOKS

DEAR ALREADY LOVE HOW SHE LOOKS: Exercise addiction is a very real thing, often connected to body image issues.

If you believe your wife is not just committed to her exercise regime, but addicted to it, you need to take steps to help her back off the intensity and frequency of her workouts.

If she doesn’t respond to your suggestions, consider getting her some professional counseling, which, as in the case of any type of addiction, will be a hard sell if she doesn’t feel she has a problem, but it might be what’s ultimately needed to break the cycle she’s in.

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