Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Dad Fears Son Has Too Many Tats for His Own Good

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: I have never complained out loud to my son about what he chooses to do to his body. He has had his ears, nose, and even, for a while, his tongue pierced. A couple years ago he started getting tattoos, which I used to think was kind of cool, but now he has so many, he can no longer cover them with a long-sleeved shirt and I worry about his employment potential. The piercings can be removed when he goes for interviews, but the vine tat that comes all the way up his neck and the vein traces on his hands can’t.

He graduates this May from college and he needs to get something that pays enough to support himself. He tells me it’s no longer a big deal to have tattoos, but I’m thinking he may be underestimating their effect. Am I worrying for nothing? --- DAD OF THE TATTOOED MAN

DEAR DAD OF THE TATTOOED MAN: You might be, or, you might not. Given how ubiquitous body art has become, your son may not have a difficult time making a living because of his.

However, in spite of a quickly growing acceptance, some professions and fields (including military, law enforcement, legal or finance firms, healthcare, to name a few) still generally have restrictions against visible tattoos and certain piercings.

If your son’s looking at more conservative employers, suggest to him that, when possible, before an interview he should explore a company’s policy on tattoos and piercings to avoid any surprises.

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